Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (7/11/2008)

1. Every day, the Village Voice runs clips from its archives on its website. I find most of them of little interest, but this one, from 1959, "Revolt of the Homosexual," I found fascinating. First, I had no idea that there already was such a thing as a gay activist in 1959. Second, the casually homophobic (but not unfriendly, if that makes sense) tone of "the Straight Guy's" questions is jarring.

But more than that, one line really crystallized something I've thought for a long time but never been able to articulate. "The Homosexual" said, "We live in a torn-open age where each minority is determined to proclaim itself as good as the self-appointed judges of a life which no longer provides a rational basis for their prejudices."

And that sums up why I'm unable to oppose gay rights: I no longer have a rational basis for my prejudices. I never did.

2. It's easy to find stories on the web about gay people being treated horribly by their straight Mormon relatives and "friends." But here's something completely different. I pray that this kind of story, not the other, becomes the norm in the LDS church. And everywhere else.

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