Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (7/17/2008)

The best news headline since "Headless body in topless bar": "Hippo eats dwarf." (Unfortunately, the veracity of the story is dubious. But it's still a great headline.)

If today’s Congress presided during Watergate (h/t: Glenn Greenwald)

Twelve years ago, Tracy McGrady thrust himself onto the road to NBA stardom with a single play in a high school all-star game. That play also started James Felton down the road towards basketball oblivion and an untimely death.

Skytopia has a big collection of optical illusions (h/t: Bad Astronomy).


  1. the story was great, but I also want a video of the dunk

  2. I looked for it -- it sure sounds like the author has access to it -- but I couldn't find it anywhere.


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