Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (7/24/2008)

Apparently, Hitler somehow trademarked the use of profile photos, bright colors, and words in German advertising. Either that, or one Dr. Melissa Clouthier has managed to come up with what may be the stupidest blog post in the history of the internet. Upon seeing this flyer advertising Obama's speech in Berlin:
she became "unnerved" by its supposed resemblance to this old Hitler poster:
And here you thought Jonah Goldberg was dumb.

She also has a post called "The five scariest things about Obama," which is so lame I'm not even going to link to it, because YouTube is worth a thousand words (one of which is not safe for work/children/prudes). I dare you to vote for Obama after watching this:

If I lived in Kansas, I'd vote for Sean Tevis, because he has teh best campaign literature evar!!!111one

If you're a sports fan of a certain age, all I need to say is "Willie Mays."


  1. Thank you for the Sean Tevis link. {sniff}For the first time in my life, I'm proud to be an American.

  2. I actually considered giving him $8.34, but I'd want to check his policy positions a little more, and I'm too lazy to do that.


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