Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (7/29/2008)

Since I have a cold right now, I gave this a try, and it actually worked quite well. I have some doubts about its therapeutic practicality, though. It's difficult to use more than a couple of times a day, and it would be somewhat challenging to implement away from home, say at work or church.

I've mentioned Roger Ebert's blog before, but it's worth noting again. Whether you usually agree with his reviews or not, he's really an excellent writer, and lately he's been looking back over his career. This post on the end of his TV contract is especially good, as are many of the reader comments and the two videos of him and Gene Siskel bickering and joking back in the day.

In his "Wonderland" series, artist Yeondoo Jung recreated children's drawings with live models. The results are fascinating.

Some people wear their patriotism on their sleeves. Others wear it on their faces.

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