Saturday, September 06, 2008

Why I won't vote for Republicans

I'm tired of writing about politics, and you're probably even more tired of reading about it here, but DarkSyde articulates better than anyone I've seen why I won't be voting for Republicans anytime soon.

The whole thing is worth reading -- it's only a few paragraphs long anyway -- but here's the conclusion:

I guess that's what confuses a lot of voters: Conservatives are worried that Democrats might do the same astonishingly lousy job Republicans have done for the last eight years. To avoid even the possibility that that might happen, conservatives prescribe electing more members from the same crew who wrecked the country, in what is clearly to any lucid external observer the ridiculous and desperate hope that the same party will fix it all by continuing, uninterrupted, the same policies that produced the damage in the first place. In the alternate reality fabricated by the seamlessly integrated conservative PR apparatus, this extension of the failed status quo is called change, in the rest of the world it's one of the better known definitions of insanity.

Eight years of incompetacracy is enough.

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