Friday, September 05, 2008

YouTube favorites (September 2008)

Time for more YouTube Favorites:

Ray Bradbury forecasts life in the year 2001 in a prune commercial, the big Bourne Ultimatum fight scene in Lego animation, Don't kite surf in a hurricane!, Barack Obama Rickroll the world!, There's a rainbow in my sprinkler! It's a conspiracy! (Your public school education dollars at work), the Sneezing Panda, and people make all kinds of dumbass comments to people with Middle eastern backgrounds.

Ray Bradbury, future prune salesman

The best Lego-animation fight scene ever

(Here's the original, if it's been awhile since you've seen The Bourne Ultimatum.)

A little life advice for my readers: DON'T KITE SURF IN A HURRICANE! IT'S DANGEROUS!

Barack Obama Rickroll the world!

Your public school education dollars at work.

The Sneezing Panda

Some Middle-Eastern-American comedians and their friends made a video of the weird things people say to them. (My kids get this kind of thing all the time, except they're Asian, not Middle Eastern. I'm trying to get them to make a video too.)

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