Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Emerging narratives

Making the rounds of the punditry, these are some of the themes that are emerging.

1) Not really a town hall. The format indeed was terrible. A question. One minute for "discussion." No candidate to candidate follow up and no questioner follow up questions allowed.

2) Brokaw was terrible. The "Yes or No" question on Russia was his nadir, but he did a poor job all night.

3) McCain let his contempt for Obama slip through by calling him "that one."

4) The physical contrast between the two men was strikingly in Obama's favor. He's taller, handsomer, younger, and far more vigorous. God bless McCain for how his body got that way, but physically he's kind of a wreck. This could be Kennedy-Nixon all over again.

Those are what the gasbags are talking about. I don't know if 3) and 4) will get any traction. Maybe the American people aren't that shallow anymore. They certainly weren't fooled by Palin's performance in the last debate, after all.

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