Thursday, October 30, 2008

Liddy Dole makes vile ad, gets pwned for her trouble

Senator Elizabeth (Liddy) Dole, wife of former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole, is locked in a tough reelection battle in North Carolina. I don't know much about her, but she seemed an amiable enough person, despite being a Republican. (I voted for her husband in 1996, BTW.) But a couple days ago, she released an ad that will go down in American political history as one of the sleaziest ever.

It seems that her opponent, Kay Hagan, once attended a run-of-the-mill Democratic fundraiser where one of the dozens of co-hosts also happened to be a leader of an athiest lobbying group called the "Godless Americans PAC." Dole got ahold of this vague connection and put out the following commercial.

Now, the truth is, Hagan has no relationship with the group, it had no organizational relationship to the fundraiser, and there was nothing secret about the meeting. It was perfectly ordinary fundraiser, where one of the Democrats listed as a sponsor happened to be an atheist. The money was no more "godless" than at any other fundraiser. (Of course, in Christian theology all money is "godless" anyway. "Render unto Caesar" and all that.)

The secret-camera-looking footage used in the ad has nothing to do with that fundraiser, nor do the people in the footage have anything to do with the Godelss Americans PAC. It was taken elsewhere and manipulated to look ominous. And then, bizarrely, in total WTF territory, that voice at the end saying "There is no God!"? That was a voice actor hired by the Dole campaign to impersonate Hagan. Unbefrakkinlievable.

It shouldn't matter if somebody is an atheist, but of course it still does matter politically, and as it happens, Kay Hagan is a Christian, active in her church, and a former Sunday School teacher. So the ad is completely dishonest from start to finish, vilely, disgustingly so.

And Hagan was not about to stand for that. Watch her in her own ad calling out Dole for "bearing false witness against a fellow Christian."

Pwned. And if there's any justice in the universe, Dole will lose, and lose big.


  1. You might want to add a text link to the Hagan video. YouTube is not letting you run it from your blog.

  2. Thanks Brahnamin. Apparently the author deleted it. I found another copy.


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