Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama wins?

I'm kind of afraid to jinx him, because I've been wrong twice so far (thought the first one was a tie and Palin got the VP debate), but I think Obama did an excellent job. McCain did okay, but Obama's so calm and reassuring and sensible.


  1. My 14-year-old son watched the debate as a school assignment. I asked him for his impression. He thought Obama was less annoying of the two (he's an Obama fan), but thought the whole thing was pretty awful. Here's the story no one is covering: once upon a time, Obama entered the scene as new and different and attracted lots of people to his campaign with the promise of change. McCain battled for the nomination with the reputation of the maverick and something different. Last night was same-old, same-old -- and so they both lost, as did the American public. No matter which candidate you support, it's hard to look at last night as anything but terrible for the hopes you had for fresh air, rising above partisanship, nobility, statesmanship, change.

    That said, McCain needed to recapture momentum, and didn't. Obama needed to not screw up badly, and he met that objective. But crowning a winner? Sigh.

  2. I think Obama has proved he's a politician. Maybe in the end Obama won't be "just another" politician -- his ability to inspire people is something special -- but he's a politician above all. I think he proved that on the FISA bill. But I won't care, if he can help me (and 30 million other people) get decent health insurance.

    Meanwhile, McCain has become everything he once claimed to hate. It's a sad spectacle.

  3. I will take 'any' healthcare insurance!


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