Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin wins?

Man, that was boring. I would have turned it off if I hadn't decided to blog about it.

Anyway, Palin held her own. There were no deer-in-the-headlight moments, not that I thought there would be. Like I said, the format's a good one for her.

She did very well on the domestic part, then Biden was on a roll on foreign policy, but he stumbled over the war a little, then he came back, and they were pretty even the rest of the way.

But overall I'd give it to Palin, mainly because she probably un-scared a lot of people who were wondering if she was retarded or something. Her favorable rating should get a big boost.

I think the main result of this will be that she'll be a non-issue from now on instead of the negative that she was turning into for McCain.

But again, I'm a committed and high-information voter. It's the uncommitteds whose opinions matter at this point.

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  1. I don't watch these things; they won't change my mind since I follow it closely, I knew Palin would be well preped, and I just let the polls tell me who won.


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