Friday, November 14, 2008

Good reads/random cool sites (11/14/2008)

PhotobucketPaul Lukas of Uni Watch discusses the famous Major League Baseball logo and its not-famous-at-all designer, James Dior.

BTW, is that batter right-handed or left-handed? The answer is... either/both. He's a right-handed batter with his back to you, or a left-handed batter with his front to you. I never noticed that before the article pointed it out -- I always thought he was right-handed. It's kinda trippy, actually.

In Germany they call her "The Woman without a Face" and "The Phantom of Heilbronn." I call her the female Keyser Söze.

"'I didn't want to call or go there. How could I go to a place where women went to get rid of their thriving feti when I was so desperate to hang on to mine? 'Baby killers,' one friend called them. 'You are going to be surrounded by Baby Killers.'"

Prayer and fasting FAIL.

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