Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (11/26/2008)

Here's an awesome optical illusion. Drag the black bars across the black-and-white image. It'll take a little trial and error to get the speed right, but drag the bars slowly for best results. H/t: Bad Astronomy

A list of some Actual Quanta of Solace.

A Short History of the Bagel. Mmmm history...

Spider eats bird. Photos ensue.

PX:Direct supplies inmate uniforms, prisoner restraints ,
and detention equipment including modular jail cells, cell furnishings and detention hardware. Customers include Federal, State, County and Military Correctional Facilities, Government and Law Enforcement, the armed forces, hospitals, production companies and the general public.
The general public? Like who -- parents of teenagers, maybe?

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