Friday, November 21, 2008

The "Twilight" movie

Sorry, no review; I won't be watching it. It'll probably make over $500 million in ticket sales, and it might even not be all that bad -- no one would be stupid enough to just copy the book, with its tedious buildup (seriously, I'm only one chapter short of finishing half the book, and I still haven't found the plot that everyone tells me is coming) and ridiculously melodramatic narration -- but no.

I suspect it'll be another Titanic -- overhyped and very popular with teenage girls who don't know any better, but neither a good movie nor a bad enough movie to watch for the lulz. At least with Titanic, you got to see Kate Winslet's boobs. I'm betting that whoever plays Bella keeps her shirt on in this movie.

Now let us cleanse our minds of Twilight with some vampire music.

And here, you can watch a real vampire movie. Hey, it's not great, but it's free.

(Check out the "I'm reading 'Twilight,' so you don't have to" pull-down menu under "Ongoing Series" in the left side-blog for a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of Twilight.)

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