Friday, January 23, 2009

YouTube Favorites (January 2009)

Frisk FAIL, an NBS News report on Dr. Manhattan from 1970, Apple's new no-keyboard laptop, the Tiddy Bear, an honest college commercial, Rasheed Wallace schools a Laker fan, and Dave's not here.

Frisk FAIL: "What's this right here?"

Ten years of Dr. Manhattan

I am so looking forward to this movie.

Apple's new no-keyboard laptop

That's Tiddy Bear. T-I-D-D-Y.

If college ads were honest, most of them would be a lot like this.

I'm a Laker fan for life, but I gotta give credit where due. Rasheed Wallace schooled this guy.
Laker fan: Rasheed, you suck!
Sheed: Not like yo' mamma!

Dave's not here.


  1. On apple Video, at 2:46, see one of the sentences provided: "The abortion went well"...? Seriously.

  2. I think the "Sudoku Killer" line at the end is actually the funniest thing in the video.


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