Monday, February 23, 2009

My very own favicon

Hey, notice anything new about the blog? Look up there by the address bar. See it?

It's my new "favicon."

Favicons are those little pictures that go on the address bar or next to bookmarks/favorites. Mine says tsujigiri, which means, of course, "To try a new sword on a chance wayfarer."

I can't explain why, but successfully adding this kind of thing makes me absurdly happy.

Here's a Blogger tutorial if you want to add one to your own blog. Make sure you follow the link in "3." on that page for proper placement of the HTML code. Also, you'll need to follow Zofia's tip in the comments on the second post in order to get your favicon to work with Safari.

That's a lot of links, unfortunately, but the actual process isn't very complicated. Good luck!


  1. Cool, thanks for the tip!

    I had my own favicon for a year or so (which I loved, as it tied in with my masthead), then one day *poof* it was gone, replaced by the ugly orange blogger "B". I thought it was just that Blogger had decided they want all their blogs advertising their service, hence placed their favicon code to override the user's choice. Little did I know, it was just a question of moving my favicon tag to a different spot in the template!


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