Friday, March 20, 2009

Car Chase Friday: The Seven-Ups

This week's car chase is from The Seven-Ups (1973). I saw this when it came out, and I think I liked it, but I was 11 years old, so don't hold me to it being a good movie. It's a great chase, though, and that's what matters.

Here Roy Scheider is a cop chasing two cop-killing bad guys through the streets of New York. It's not San Francisco, but they do manage to find some little hills in a mini-homage to Bullitt (last week's Car Chase Friday clip). A lot of the same people from Bullitt actually worked on this too. But where Bullitt had cool cars and cool drivers, The Seven-Ups has (intentionally) lame cars and excitable drivers. (Some of the reaction shots of the bad-guy passenger are hilarious.) The results are excellent. Enjoy.

(Note that Scheider does a lot of under-his-breath muttered swearing. You can't really hear most of it, but you can usually tell what he's saying. Viewer beware.)


  1. I dont understand why towards the end, when the two cars are in New Jersey, the bad guys simply dont shoot Roy when they are right next to eachother. We see earlier in the chase that the passenger bad guy has a gun on the dash board...

  2. Not that I would want that to happen... but it just seems ake that after all they have been through, Roy and the bad guys are just eyeing eachother in Jersey...

  3. Yeah, it does make you wonder if he only had two shells or something...


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