Monday, April 20, 2009

'80s Monday: X

An American band for a change: X. They were punk, but kind of had a tinge of rockabilly and maybe even blues to their sound. Really they were roots rockers, post-punk before punk was even over. Critics loved them (so did do I), but they were never very popular.

On a "meta" note, the idiots at the record companies are taking down YouTube videos like crazy -- can't have people giving them free advertising by playing their bands' videos -- so it's getting hard to find videos for this series. I have a list of 85 bands I want to do, but if things keep going in this direction there won't be much point.

Anyway, here's X, maybe the best American band of the '80s.

"Los Angeles": the images are priceless. That was L.A. in the early '80s. Also note that this is a song about a racist, not a racist song. And watch out for a pretty clear n-word and s-word if you're sensitive, or around sensitive people, when you watch this.

"Soul Kitchen": a Doors cover. The guy with the glasses is Ray Manzarek.

"White Girl." Sorry about the sound and video quality. Blame the record companies.

This is about as much mainstream success as they ever had: they played Letterman in 1984. They did two songs, "Hot House," which is pretty good, and a cover of Jerry Lee Lewis's "Breathless" (from the Richard Gere movie of the same name) which is all kinds of awesome.

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