Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (4/14/2009)

A poll shows that most Americans -- even Republicans -- like San Francisco, New York, France, and Europe just fine. Except in the South.

How hard was it for Navy snipers to simultaneously shoot three pirates bobbing up and down in a boat 100 feet away?

The marriage-go-round:
One statistic that stunned me: take two children, one growing up with married parents in the United States, and one growing up with unmarried parents in Sweden—which child has the higher likelihood of seeing his parents’ relationship break up? Answer: the American kid, because children living with married parents in the United States have a higher probability of experiencing a break-up than do children living with unmarried parents in Sweden. That’s how high our break-up rates are.

Apparently, there's some sort of movement among disgruntled conservatives to protest the idea of slightly increasing the marginal tax rate on income above $250,000. In the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, which involved protesters stealing crates of tea to protest taxation without representation, these brave conservatives are purchasing teabags to protest taxation with representation. Unfortunately, they've decided to call their movement "teabagging," a word that is already taken. (Click at your own risk. Seriously. I'm warning you.) Fortunately, this is leading to great hilarity, including this double entendre fest by MSNBC's David Shuster.

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