Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Cookie Cake Pie!

My family and I made the Cookie Cake Pie today (recipe h/t: CakeSpy). A Cookie Cake Pie is a pie crust with a layer of cookie and a layer of cake (and frosting on top).

We changed the recipe a little, though, and made it with a cookie crust, chocolate cake, and chocolate frosting.

Here's the finished product.

Here's how we made it.

We decided to start with an "Oreo" pie crust (actually we used some off-brand cookies rather than real Oreos).
We took off the cream filling...
And ground up the cookies. There was lots of grinding, so we took turns. The kids enjoyed this part.

Once the cookies were all ground up...
We added the cream filling back in...

And mixed it up so it would be gooey enough for a pie crust. It was a bit dry, so we added a little milk as we went along.

The we formed a pie crust.

And added a layer of chocolate-chip cookie dough. (We made this from scratch, using a Betty Crocker recipe.)

Followed by a layer of devil's food cake (store-bought mix). It's ready to bake!

We had so much cake mix and cookie dough left over, we made two Cookie Cake Pies (and still had enough left over for six cupcakes and five big cookies). My daughter said she didn't want frosting on the second one, so we sprinkled ground-up cookies on the top. It came out like this:
She's going to take it to school tomorrow.

We frosted the other one with chocolate/cream frosting and ate it with ice cream.

How was it? Delicious. Wonderful. Awesome. But it's almost too rich to eat. Even I could only handle one piece. (And usually I only stop eating stuff like this when it's all gone or when my wife starts yelling at me about my cholesterol.)

So I recommend making a Cookie Cake Pie only if you have a lot of people around to eat it. Each person will probably only eat about half their normal portion of cookie/cake/pie. But they'll enjoy it.

(Check my Facebook for more pictures.)

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