Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gary Busey the great American actor and the sad tale of Prince Henry Stout

OK, so Eric Snider does this humorous thing called "Eric's Bad Movies," and this week he did one called Surviving the Game. He does a good job making fun of it and all, except he included a clip, and the scene is actually 10,000 kinds of awesome! Seriously, it's magnificent. It's the pinnacle of Gary Busey's career in my opinion.

All Busey does is tell a story. Ordinarily, a character telling a story like this would violate one of the main tenets of movie-making, indeed of story-telling in general -- "show, don't tell" -- except that the story-teller is so compelling you can't look away. It doesn't matter that you don't know who the characters are or what the movie's about. It's a seriously demented man great actor telling a really fucking weird great story, and it's impossible not to watch. [Edit: And according to Wikipedia and a couple of other sources, he ad-libbed the whole thing. Incredible.]

Here, see for yourself. (Note that the story involves cruelty to an animal, so if fictional descriptions of animal cruelty -- even in a fair fight -- bother you, don't watch it.)

The sound is really low, so turn it up. (No, I'm not tricking you; the sound is really low.)

(Turn the sound back down before you forget.)

Now I ask you, who else could do that scene that well? It's fun to imagine other people doing it. It would be awesome to see Samuel L. Jackson play that scene, or a young Al Pacino. Ricardo Montalban circa The Wrath of Khan would have been great in it, making the father colder and the cruelty more passionate, and of course, a young William Shatner would have provided infinite unintentional comedy. But Jackson or Pacino or anyone else would have required some buildup. You'd have to watch the movie to actually believe them in the part.

No, what I mean is, who could do it so you can just click on YouTube, watch it, and totally suspend your disbelief and really feel like you're listening to a nut who something like that actually happened to? Gary Busey and Christopher Walken, and that's it. And Busey's fire would still be better than Walken's ice.

So what it comes down to is that I'll take Eric's word for it that Surviving the Game is a Bad Movie, but what we have in that one scene is an actor playing a scene -- ridiculous and demented and over-the-top as he it is -- better than anyone else possibly could. And that has to be worth something.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The greatest song ever made about having to kill your girlfriend because she's a zombie

"Early Sunsets over Monroeville" by My Chemical Romance
I suppose any song about something so absurd should be laughable, but I find it strangely moving instead. Maybe zombies aren't the only things it's about...