Monday, August 31, 2009

'80s Monday: The Cult

The Cult was (or still is -- they've broken up and reformed several times) another English band. They started out as post-punk, maybe a little Goth, with a lot of their lyrics focusing on ideas of Native American and Australian Aboriginal spirituality. They had top-20 success in the UK and, after reworking their sound in more of a heavy metal direction (with guitar that sounds a lot like AC/DC), in the US too. They were one of the few metal-ish bands I listened to in the '80s. Here's two songs with their earlier sound, "She Sells Sanctuary" and Rain," and two with their later sound, "Love Removal Machine" (which reached no. 15 on the US rock charts) and "Firewoman."

"She Sells Sanctuary" (live, 1985)

"Rain" (1985, sorry, no embedding)

"Love Removal Machine" (1987)

"Fire Woman" (1989, live vocals)

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