Thursday, August 06, 2009

What's (been) goin' on

If you're one of my tiny number of regular readers (whom I deeply, deeply appreciate), you've surely noticed that I've hardly posted for the past couple of months. There are several reasons for this.

Work has been really busy lately. This is wholly a good thing. With the economy the way it's been, things were brutal during the first six months of the year. As an independent contractor, I have no safety net. When the economy's bad, I don't get "laid off," I just don't get work. My income was down about 40 percent from what it was last year (and it wasn't high to begin with). So this sudden busyness (I billed over $7,000 in July -- w00t!) was a blessing. But it left little time or energy for blogging.

And of course, my Mom died in June. As far as blogging goes, this was both depressing and time-consuming. The depressing part is obvious -- I didn't feel much like writing for a while -- but it also meant taking a week off during this busy work period, and having to catch up with several 16 - 20 hour workdays. And afterward, I was just too tired to blog for a while.

Oh, and then I had the swine flu. Yeah, the actual "novel H1N1" virus itself. (I guess I'll post some more about this separately, 'cause I'm guessing people will be curious about it.) It wasn't actually that terrible -- I was only real sick for about three days -- but it also came in the middle of a full work schedule, so I couldn't rest properly and I even had to pull an all-nighter to meet one deadline.

And now my family is spending the rest of the summer in Japan, and I'm here at home alone. So I have lots more time, but it's frakking depressing. Some days, it's all I can do to drag my self out of bed and sit in front of the computer. Just reading is a chore sometimes, much less writing,

But I love to blog. I need to blog. I need your comments. Even just seeing your ISPs when I check my hit counter makes me feel a little better. So I'm going to try to blog a little more, I hope.

Well, this has been a self-in-frakking-dulgent post. Sorry. I just needed to let this out a little.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the update, and I hope you're doing OK.

  2. Thanks. I'm hangin' in (more or less).

  3. I was making a resolve to check your blog more often when I read that you were back. But then I read about the swine flu and decided I'd rather not catch it by hanging around you. Blogging is one of the ways it's transmitted, right? ;-)

    Welcome back.


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