Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (12/8/2009)

Sometimes "FAIL" means "worked too well," as with this Christmas decoration.

Eric Snider's rejected "New Moon" screenplay.

"Ask Richard" at the Friendly Atheist has become my favorite advice column. Usually when I say an advice columnist is good, I mean that s/he says what I would have. (Usually it's just common sense.) But Richard always gives much better advice than I could. As with this one: "Atheist Despairs for Love and Respect from Her Mormon Family."

From the New Yorker:
When the Christmas tree pops up in literature, it often does so at moments of great emotional importance. Yet the work it appears in is not always the best-known of an author's oeuvre, much as a Christmas album put out by a famous singer is seldom the work he'd stake his reputation on. Nevertheless, both Christmas albums and Christmas writings can be sweet—confections, to be placed on the tongue and allowed to melt slowly over the season until, on New Year's day, they fade away entirely, forgotten for the next eleven months. All the more reason, then, to play the classics while we can.

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