Monday, January 04, 2010

The best of kuri 2009

During 2009 on my blog, I:

Proved that California is a liberal state.

Saw the best Christmas tree ever.

Recycled my first computer.

Described the Top 10 most annoying freeway drivers.

Visited my elderly sick Mom and combed her hair.

Imagined young Bob Dylan's American Idol audition.

Created my own favicon.

Was talked to only by scary people and crazy people.

Deconstructed an unintentionally creepy Mormon painting of Jesus and four teenage girls.

Started discussing bands for '80s Music Monday.

Got asked "How do you know that?"

Had to say "That won't happen now" about my dream of taking care of my mother in her old age.

Made a cookie cake pie.

Said farewell when my mother went home.

Described 5 more annoying freeway drivers.

Cried when I saw Star Trek.

Learned some things from my urinary tract infection.

Got the swine flu.

Observed Mitt Romney in the "uncanny valley."

Began writing free-form haiku.

Made doctors say "Wow!"

Figured out why Stephenie [sic] Meyer is accidentally a great writer (sort of)

Started the "Leonard McCoy, Space Doctor" series.

And speculated on brain plasticity and Asperger's syndrome (drawing a lame heckle from a disgruntled relative).

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