Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (2/27/2009)

Climate denialist edition.

Scientific consensus, climate change, and vaccines: "how much weight should an individual give to any specific scientific consensus, and is this just an argument from authority?"

Climate-Change Denial as an O.J. Moment: "The campaign against climate science has been enormously clever, and enormously effective. It's worth trying to understand how they've done it. The best analogy, I think, is to the O.J. Simpson trial...."

When (semi-literate) state legislators attack (science): the South Dakota House of Representatives passed a resolution urging:

...that instruction in the public schools relating to global warming include the following:
2) That there are a variety of climatological, meteorological, astrological, thermological,* cosmological, and ecological dynamics that can effect world weather phenomena and that the significance and interrelativity of these factors is largely speculative; and...

(*I don't think that word means what they think it means. In case you were wondering, according to the Font of All Knowledge, "thermology is the medical science that derives diagnostic indications from highly detailed and sensitive infrared images of the human body." I had to look that up. I didn't have to look up the difference between astrology and astronomy or affect and effect, though.)

I didn't have to look those up, because liberals and atheists are smarter than conservatives and religious people.

Hahaha! j/k. Like PZ says, neither the study nor its author are very credible.

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  1. Thermology - isn't that that religion Tom Cruise is a part of?


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