Monday, February 15, 2010

Vote for meeee!!!111

So, um, some of my posts are nominated for some bloggy awards. Please vote for me. If I win, then I can always refer to my blog as my award-winning blog, and then I will be happy.

If you'd like, please vote for me as follows:

Under "Best Humor Piece":
The Top 10 most annoying freeway drivers
The Adventures of Leonard McCoy, Space Doctor (No. 4)

Under "Most poignant story":
That won't happen now

Under "Best post title":
Jesus beats Hef, 4 -3
Only scary people and crazy people talk to me

Under "Best book review":
The unreliable author: Why Stephenie [sic] Meyer is accidentally a great writer (sort of)

I want to have an award-winning blog! Please help! Thanks!

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