Monday, April 05, 2010

Video Favorites (April 2010)

Post-its stop-motion, Scarface kids' play, Dan Savage's weirdest letter, Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals," if Lady Gaga wasn't a pop star, "Fascinating," and Peter Chao can rap.

"Deadline" stop-motion video using Post-its. (h/t: Make Awesome Sauce)

Jaydon's school put on "Scarface" for its school play. (I hear they're doing "Natural Born Killers" next year.)

The weirdest letter Dan Savage ever got (NSFW/C/P).

Girl Talk, "Play Your Part (Part 1)" and the complete "Feed the Animals" vidset (except for the ones that have been taken down). (Lyrics NSFW/C/P.)

If Lady Gaga wasn't a pop star (possibly NSFW/C/P.)

Spock said "Fascinating" a lot.

Think Chinese guys can't rap? Peter Chao will kick your ass so bad u hav no anus to poop. (Lyrics are NSFW/C/P, if anyone can understand them.)

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