Monday, July 05, 2010

'80s Music Monday: My musical crushes

There were other musical women I liked -- Aimee Mann, Debbi Harry, Lene Lovich, Martha Davis of the Motels among them -- but these were my three main musical crushes on back in the day: Rachel Sweet, Annabella Lwin, and Jane Wiedlin.

Rachel Sweet "...And Then He Kissed Me/Be My Little Baby" (1981)
Rachel never really hit it big, unfortunately. I thought she deserved to. Anyway, this isn't her best song, but it's her cutest video.

Bow Wow Wow "Go Wild in the Country" (1982)
I mentioned my crush on Annabella Lwin when I did Bow Wow Wow for '80s Music Monday, so there's not much more to say except to repeat: World's Most Beautiful Mohawk. Ever.

Sparks and Jane Wiedlin "Cool Places" (1983)
Janie was easily my number one musical crush in the '80s. She was in the Go-Gos (about whom I will eventually do an '80s Music Monday), of course. I liked the Go-Gos a lot, but I found their videos really frustrating because I wanted to see Jane, but they always focused so much on Belinda Carlisle. Jane just kind of showed up in the background now and then. (And so did the rest of the Go-Gos, really, which was one of the reasons they broke up.)

So I was kind of bummed when the Go-Gos broke up, because they were good, but I was glad that Jane got featured in videos like this one. Except Jane's videos didn't get played nearly as much as the Go-Gos' had been. Sigh. You kids don't know how lucky you are today with your intertubes and youwebs and such, never having to wait for somebody else to play something you want to see.

(Oh, and I deny ever having the same haircut as or dancing like the guy in the salmon-colored suit. No, really. That never happened. Honest. [Uncrosses fingers])

And here's another one. "Blue Kiss" (1985)
So damn cute...

And "Rush Hour" (1988)
Jane still looks pretty much exactly like she does in this video. Don't know how she does it -- maybe she's got an aging picture of herself in her attic or something...

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