Thursday, July 01, 2010

Five words I love

From Hampton Stevens guesting at TNC's blog a while back:

Today, for a little afternoon diversion, we are looking for readers to post five favorite words. That is, five words—off the top of your head—that you just plain find fun to use. Nouns or verbs, adjective or adverb, "proper" English, pidgin, creole or street slang—it makes no nevermind. Just any five that give you a little smile to use see or hear.

5. Taciturn (temperamentally untalkative, disinclined to speak) Because I often am, and it sounds much better than most of the alternatives: quiet, shy, boring, etc. I'm taciturn, dammit!
4. In flagrante delicto (in the act, usually doing something bad, especially illicit sex)
3. Defenestrate (to throw someone or something out a window)
2. Insouciance: (carefree nonchalance) I like how it sounds like what it means
1. Callipygian (having beautifully proportioned buttocks) I like that there's a word for that (besides booty-licious, of course)

What are your five favorite words?


  1. I very much enjoy saying "eucalyptus."

    And "gecko."

  2. I like those. Also, "Komodo dragon."


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