Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I love hate mail

I really like it when somebody makes a hateful comment on my blog. No, really. It's one of the best things that can happen in response to a blog post.

The best thing is when I touch someone emotionally in a positive way, when I write something happy, or sad, or elevating, and people respond in kind, when they tell me that my writing made them feel the same way, when they cheer for me, or comfort me, or share something personal with me.

The second-best thing that can happen is that I make someone laugh. I try that more often, and I think I succeed most of the time. Sometimes I just miss, I guess, and sometimes, through the vagaries of blogging, it seems like hardly anyone clicks through on a post even when I've written something that I think is pretty darn funny. But I think the funny stuff usually works, and I love making people laugh.

Another good thing is when when someone sees something in a new way because of something I wrote. It doesn't have to be something profound -- I don't try to write anything deep about politics and religion and such but once in awhile. But if someone just listens to a new band, or watches a movie or reads a book because of something I wrote, that makes me happy.

But hate mail is good too. It means that someone was moved by something I wrote. Of course, I've never gotten anything really horrid; no death threats or anything, and only one "You defend gay rights so I think you must be gay and that's bad and here's my elaborate gay fantasy about you." (I'm sorry, which one of us is supposed to be the gay one?)

Naturally, I'd rather move people in a positive way -- really I would -- but it's still something. And sometimes they're pretty funny. Mostly unintentionally, but still.

Anyway, I put some of my favorites, with spelling and punctuation corrected (quite extensively corrected in some cases) in the right sidebar. Anyone who wants to send me some hate, please write something at least that good. Maybe you'll make the sidebar someday.

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  1. That last one was hysterically funny. I love the people your blog attracts.


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