Sunday, July 11, 2010

kuri analyzes Great Art: The Creation of Adam

In which kuri provides his insights into Great Works of Art...

First up, Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

(Note that this Great Work of Art has nekkid people in it, so it, and my analysis, are possibly not safe for work/children/prudes.)

kuri's insights:

1) Adam has a very small penis. Just sayin'.

2) Apparently it takes a butt-load of angels to keep God from falling out of the sky.

3) Most angels are jumbo-sized, muscle-bound babies. I'm a little frightened right now.

4) This angel is not happy. "Aw, dude, WTF? Why'd you go and make a human?"

5) "Aaaaaaugh! You're squishing me! Get off! Get off!"

6) In addition to the giant babies, one of the angels appears to be a naked 12-year-old girl. (I suppose it could be a boy -- it's a Catholic painting after all.) She's like, "Hey, that Adam's a lot cuter than this old bearded god-dude. Now if I can just slip his arm off me while he isn't looking...." Kind of reminds me of another painting, actually.

That concludes the first edition of kuri analyzes Great Art. I think I'd like to do more of these. Any suggestions for Great Art I should analyze?

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