Monday, August 23, 2010

She wrote this a year ago...

Tejaswee Rao wrote this a year ago (read the whole thing)...
Dear… daughter,

I don’t feel odd writing this. Just… so mature. I’m 17 going on 18, the age you’ll be when you read this for the first time. I don’t know how I’ll be then. Sometimes cranky, over-worked, cynical, the way I see my parents are today. But I don’t want you to see only that me. Maybe I’ll be hardworking, happy and eccentric. For you, I want to preserve some of my ideas, my optimism and my ideals. I want you to meet me, at your age, so many years from now. Beware… I was considered boring, by some.

Right now I’m changing. In small ways, and big. I’ve seen a certain amount of heart break (no doubt I’ll see more) and a great deal of love, more than I could ever wish for. My morals, my ideals, my resolutions, my wants and my beliefs are being formed, being broken, and, formed again with a stronger base. I want to be the President of India. I want to take 6 months off before college. I want to be the most powerful person on earth. I want to spend the rest of my life helping the poor. I want to adopt a girl and I know this is one resolution that won’t be broken. So you’re the one… It’s wonderful to meet you.
...and she died 12 days ago.


  1. Makes you pause. Life is short. Nothing is guaranteed.

  2. Wow....seems she was ready for what ever the universe was serving up for her...and she was taking it all in and making it hers...Why does this sort of thing happen to such insightful, purposeful people?? Thank you for sharing...I learned a lesson today..

  3. It's such a beautiful post anyway -- so full of, well, life -- and then bam! one day she gets sick and a few days later she's dead. Things like this remind me how pretty it was to believe in a god who would sort all this out and make it nice some day. Fuck death.


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