Monday, August 16, 2010


I just read yet another post about Prop 8 over at By Common Consent. Like what I wrote about last week, this one is also a whine about how hard it's all been on Mormons.

It takes a little different tack though. It's all about how divisive the campaign and its aftermath have been... among Mormons. (Surprise! ...not!) From the post:
"I have family and friends in California, all of them pro 8, and they all had pretty much the same reaction. They participated in a sort of unpleasant, grim business, necessary, but grim nonetheless. And now they all feel a sense of ambivalence about it, and some of them even regret and sadness. They almost all describe their experience working in the campaign as horrible and traumatic, even hellish, and something they wish to never be called upon to do again. It was a Pyrrhic victory, and it had costs to our people far beyond the millions of dollars we donated.

"I hear reports that many of our wards in California are still fractured and split along lines that developed in the campaign. One friend described almost with a sense of despair her frustration at the division that prop 8 caused in her ward, her family, and even in her marriage."
And in the comments:
"The only thing we know for sure is that the institutional church, unintentionally to be sure, inflicted wounds upon its own members. And it is ironic that a measure that was intended to strengthen families also caused some weakness and division and additional stress to LDS families.

" experience in California during 2008 working to help pass Prop 8, despite serious reservations about both the measure itself and our involvement, was nothing short of traumatic both emotionally and spiritually

"I am one of those who to this day feels despair over the fractures this caused within our ward, within my immediate and extended family (we’re all faithful LDS but with widely divergent views on it), and between the church and everyone else I know.

"...the (Mormon) people in CA really took a beating

"The idea that there is still and uneasy, unspoken truce in our wards is just unspeakably sad."
And so on.

Let's get this straight, just so we're clear: your church was instrumental in a campaign to take away the right of tens of thousands of people to marry, and now you're complaining because your feelings got hurt because of it? Well, cry me a river and call me soggy.

I try to be a compassionate person, but I just can't work up much sympathy in this case. Can they really not get this? It's like they punched somebody in the face and then wrote blog posts saying, "OW! I bruised my poor knuckles on his face! And he called me a meanie just because I hit him! And some of my friends agree with him! My life is so hard!" FFS.

Honestly, I don't know what to say. Well actually I do know what to say: 1) The human capacity for being a whiny-ass titty-baby (WATB) never ceases to amaze me and 2) STFU. Seriously, just STFU about how hard it's been on you. Post something about how hard life is after one of your basic rights gets taken away. Until then, STFU, WATBs.

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