Thursday, August 26, 2010

There's nothing like great religious art...

There's nothing like great religious art... and these pictures are nothing like great religious art (h/t: BCC and commenters).

Here are some of my favorites (slightly retitled):

Oh My Gosh! He Isn't Wearing a White Shirt!

ROFLcopter Jesus (obviously, he reads this blog)
I Just Beat the Crap Out of a Guy and It Feels Great! Jesus
A lot of these pictures seem kind of strange to me, but this one is self-explanatory: Jesus Takes His Bear for a Walk

Totally Emo Jesus
Aren't I Fabulous?! Jesus
Even Jesus Got Headaches
The Jesus! It Burns!

And best of all:

Jesus Is Easily Amused
Jesus Feels Your Pain... and Likes It!
No Really, I'm Glad

And remember kids, this is all in good fun!

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