Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (9/1/2010)

Some devout Mormons discuss why God won't heal schizophrenics. (Or amputees. Or quadriplegics. Or people with MS. Or with Alzheimer's disease. Etc.) None of them go near the Big Scary Answer, though.

An answer to self-serving "no one could have known" excuses about Iraq:
One thing we can be fairly sure about is that thousands of Americans who are now dead would still be alive and tens of thousands of Americans who are now wounded, some of them catastrophically, would not have been. We also know that America would not be perceived throughout the region and the world as lawless aggressor, our relations with any number of important allies, including Turkey, would not have been badly damaged, and jihadists would not have been given an open killing field on which they were largely free to murder people by the thousands, nor would jihadists have been given such a powerful boost to their propaganda and recruiting. We know that American attention and resources would not have been distracted for years from the war in Afghanistan, which might have otherwise been brought to a close by now, and the American military would not be so badly strained and overstretched. If the U.S. had not invaded, Iranian influence in the region would not have grown as much as it has, a refugee crisis in which millions have been displaced and Iraq’s professional classes have been decimated would not have occurred, and the complete dismantling of the Iraqi state and military apparatus would not have happened.

A rush transcription of Obama's speech on Iraq (language NSFW/C/P).

Rule 34 (if you can imagine it, there is porn of it) in action, cosplay edition (NSFW! Seriously, it's a porn site, although there's nothing very naughty on the front page, so don't click on it if you'll get in trouble.)

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  1. The desperate rationalization to reconcile what the scriptures say with what happens in reality is fascinating.


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