Monday, September 20, 2010

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (9/20/2010)

The latest Swedish mystery novel: The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut.

Truth in advertising: pattern in cat's fur says "cat."

How to record the cops (instant streaming is best).

Why you should read Ta-Nehisi Coates: because (even though he makes an annoying number of typos and grammatical errors) he can write like this, brilliant both in his insight and his prose as he describes his desire to understand the minds of slaveholders:
In this society, we view compassion as a favor, something along the lines of forgiveness extended to the humble and deserving. No. My compassion is utterly selfish, and is rooted in a craving for power. It is compelled by my curiosity, itself, just another name for hunger, for desire, for want of the great power of knowing. It is not enough for me to sit around scoring morality points on dead people, all the while blind to the living morality of this troubled time. There's no power in that. I need to know more.

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