Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (9/21/2010)

What it's like to be poor (read the comments too).

By way of contrast, the whining of the rich: a "truly amazing pasticcio of mendacity, ignorance, and small-minded cupidity." Also, although there are no lines as good as that one, here's a more thorough takedown that identifies the real source of the whine: the rich can no longer live like the super-rich, and that makes (some of) them sad.

Cross-dressing girls in Afghanistan: "...some families without sons pick a girl-child to be a boy. One day they cut her hair, change her name, and put her in boy clothes. They then send her out into the world as a boy."

The Washington (DC) Shakespeare Company will perform Hamlet in Klingon. (And Orange Hoodie will be an extra!)

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