Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (9/29/2010)

Matt Taibbi goes inside the Tea Party in his inimitable style and finds it already being co-opted.

White America has lost its mind.

Now banks are just stealing houses:
Given that the IMF and others believe a large part of the “structural unemployment” in our country is related to the struggling housing market and underwater and barely-hanging on homeowners, what is to be done? One option is to allow for options like lien-stripping in bankruptcy courts, reseting mortgages by zip code, etc. Another option is for courts to accelerate foreclosures by ignoring due process, proper documentation and legal process in order to kick people out of their homes and preserve the value of senior tranches of RMBS while giving mortgage servicers a nice kickback.

What option do you think our country is taking?
Unpublished Life magazine Hell's Angels photos from 1965. Really interesting photos, and the photographer's nostalgia for the weeks he spent with the group is rather amusing too.

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