Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (12/16/2010)

Leaker Bradley Manning is being held in cruel and inhumane conditions, and he hasn't even been convicted of a crime. Could it be an attempt to coerce testimony against Julian Assange?

Is Strangelovian a word? Just because secret information has been published on the internet and in newspapers all over the world, that doesn't mean it isn't still secret, says the Air Force.

Dallin H. Oaks rockin' the '70s.

A couple of fascinating personal reminiscences about writing LDS church manuals.

This: "...what is annoying is not simply Romney’s lack of principle. Many and possibly most politicians are not that deeply committed to principles, and that’s to be expected, but Romney attaches a degree of smugness and sanctimony to the exercise that is genuinely obnoxious."

You know what bugs me? What bugs me is when some guy buys simple technology, makes no effort at all to do any basic research on how to use it, and then writes a clueless article blaming his failure to master it on the technology instead of on his own ineptitude. Fortunately, in this case the technology is an iMac, so he's getting his ass handed to him in the comments. And rightly so. (And I say that even though I'm a contented Windows user. Well, except when I have to use Movie Maker instead of iMovie. But other than that I'm content.)

The McGurk Effect.

I was going to say that you couldn't pay me enough to work at a place with a dress code like UBS's, but actually you could. But you'd have to pay me an awful lot.

Facebook friend connection map.

Flying squid! Run for your lives!

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