Monday, January 03, 2011

The Best of kuri 2010

On my blog during 2010, I:

Read 108 books,

Continued chronicling the Adventures of Leonard McCoy, Space Doctor, in which, among other things, McCoy carried out an important Operation; diagnosed Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Eeyore, Spock, and the Virgin Mary; examined ancient artifacts; explored strange new worlds; and met scary monsters,

Wrote some haiku, of which this was my favorite,

Wrote about '80s music,

Reviewed Avatar,

Reviewed Bambi the novel,

Chipped in to buy some soccer trophies,

Wrote a parable to comment on the story of Abraham and Isaac,

Finally understood the mindset of Mormon apologists,

Wrote comic haiku about the Tarot, with this one being my favorite,

Wrote my final blog post,

Was grossed out by ugly cats and dogs,

Confronted my own racism in the faces of emancipated slaves,

Pointed out that a picture of Jesus isn't Jesus,

Regretted two things about my time as a devout Mormon,

Analyzed great art,

Got hate mail (and loved it),

Turned into a fanboy,

Wrote a sex tutorial,

Had my faith in God destroyed by Star Wars,

Turned a haiku into a movie,

Told some WATBs to STFU,

Posted my 1,000th blog post,

Analyzed some not so great religious art,

Took a shot at reconciling gay marriage with Mormon theology,

Began helping readers understand Biblical parables,

Imagined how embarrassing it would be to be in Heaven after being killed by a mountain goat,

Came up with a plausible mechanism for why Glenn Beck's fans believe his nonsense,

Began going to counseling,

Heard a really ugly song, and

Discovered some uncomfortable similarities between schizophrenia and apologetics.

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  1. Congratulations on a great year!!!

    Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! I had some of your haiku on my Brodies nominations list, but I couldn't find anyone else who did anything close enough to create an appropriate category. Maybe there should be one for "short takes"? If you keep up the haiku, watch for it next year. ;)


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