Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (1/17/2011)

Take the theme song from Jurassic Park and make it "1000% slower" and you get music with a beauty and power far surpassing that of the original. (Not too sure about the math here, but if something is 100% slower that means it's come to a stop, so wouldn't 1000% slower actually mean you're running it backwards at 10 times as fast? Anyway, the three-minute song is stretched out to fifty-four minutes and must be heard to be believed.)

"That the blogosphere is a flagrantly anti-leftist space should be clear to anyone who has paid a remote amount of attention." This is well worth reading.

Former Swiss bank exec gives WikiLeaks "details of more than 2,000 prominent individuals and companies that he contends engaged in tax evasion and other possible criminal activity." I really wish I could say "Ha-ha, this is gonna be good!" but I guess we already know how it will turn out in the end.

Mormon mommy blogs are a guilty pleasure for some feminists.

John McCain is cool again.

Ike was right about the military-industrial complex.

Wish I was making this up: Mormon fundamentalists torture babies.

Of course, keeping people from attending attending the weddings of loved ones is kind of cruel too.

Scientists discover teleportation in time.

Today is Muhammad Ali's birthday.

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  1. Holy shit! You linked to my blog! Thanks.

  2. Well duh! :D

    It's a good post and a good blog.


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