Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (1/21/2011)

The 50 most loathsome Americans of 2010.

The Constitution and its worshipers.

Alabama governor says only Christians are his brothers and sisters. He's sorry if you were offended by that though, so it's all better now.

Follow-up to Freddie DeBoer on the lack of a true Left wing in the blogosphere: the return of bottom-up liberalism.

Good health news: People who recover from the swine flu develop immunity to multiple strains of flu, an encouraging sign for the development of a universal flu vaccine.

Bad health news: Prions can spread by air.

Real live practice babies were used in college Home Economics classes until 1969.

A very interesting interview with lovely former actor Marlene Clark about her all-too-brief career in '70s exploitation flicks.

I love open, honest, vulnerable (and skilled) writing like this. How I destroyed a marriage.

Advanced-rules paper-rock-scissors.

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