Friday, January 07, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (1/7/2011)

Brought to you by Women Laughing Alone with Salad.

Australians like WikiLeaks. I think about moving there sometimes.

A judge rules that plaintiffs can sue debt collectors as a criminal enterprise.

Bank of America lowers consumers' credit scores for asking who owns their mortgages.

Ancient flightless bird had clubs on the ends of its wings.

China is developing a "stealth" fighter. (I guess we're supposed to be scared or something.)

A history of (intentional) human weather modification, especially for military purposes (manages to skirt chemtrail conspiracies, for the most part).

"In this case, if the machine failed, then the situation would be ironic. But if the situation is ironic, then the machine worked. But if the machine worked, then the situation would not be ironic. So then it must have failed. But if it failed, then that's ironic, which would mean that the machine worked...."

This seems like a worthwhile project for people who like to read.

One of the problems with being misogynistic *Cough* Ross Douthat *Cough* is that you make an ass of yourself every time you write about women.

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