Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My history of sports losing

I thought about scrubbing my prognostication FAIL from my blog, but since my name isn't Sarah Palin, I guess I'll leave it there for posterity.

Well, the defense did even better than I expected. It was the offense that didn't play well. Only 19 points from five trips to the Red Zone ain't gonna cut it against a team that good. But credit Auburn for doing just enough to win.

Anyway, losing this game got me thinking about my history of sports losing. "My teams" are the San Diego Chargers, the San Diego Padres, the LA Lakers (all since 1970), and the Oregon Ducks (football and basketball, since 1995). I also root for the San Diego State Aztecs, the US national team in various competitions, and the German national team in the World Cup, but really only those first five are "my teams."

This is my history of losing (only championship games or playoffs; teams just having ordinary crappy seasons don't count).

Oregon Ducks football lost:
2010 (season) BCS championship game

Oregon Ducks basketball lost:
1995 NCAA 1st round
2000 NCAA 1st round
2002 NCAA Elite Eight
2003 NCAA 1st Round
2007 NCAA Elite Eight
2008 1st round

San Diego Chargers lost:
1979 1st playoff game
1980 AFC championship game
1981 AFC championship game
1982 2nd playoff game
1992 2nd playoff game
1994 (season) Super Bowl
1995 1st playoff game
2004 1st playoff game
2006 1st playoff game
2007 AFC championship game
2008 2nd playoff game
2009 1st playoff game

San Diego Padres lost:
1984 World Series
1996 NLDS
1998 World Series
2005 NLDS
2006 NLDS
2007 1-game wild card playoff

LA Lakers lost:
(The Lakers have a higher standard, so I'll only count Finals losses)
1970 Finals
1973 Finals
1983 Finals
1984 Finals
1989 Finals
1991 Finals
2004 Finals
2008 Finals

Against that, the Lakers do have 11 championships. But that's all I've got. Out of a combined 153 seasons, my teams have a total of 11 championships. Excluding the Lakers, my other four teams have 0 championships in 113 seasons.

Remind me again why I'm a sports fan...

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