Saturday, January 01, 2011

New year's resolutions

In no particular order...

1. Buy a house
We're on track for this one. Barring some sort of disaster (like me or my wife getting seriously sick -- Yay American healthcare system!), we'll become home owners this year.

2. Get in shape
If you've seen my Christmas picture, you may have noticed that I've become a gigantic tub of lard. I aim to change that this year.

3. Be creative
I will actually complete some projects this year, such as:

3a. Finish a book
I want to finish writing at least one book this year (either Harry Ninja or my mystery novel; probably Harry Ninja).

3b. Make some movies
Nothing elaborate, but I've got a few little projects I want to finish and put on YouTube.

3c. Do standup again
I want to get back into standup comedy again this year.

3d. Make some money
Creativity is its own reward, and I don't expect to make a living at any of these things, but I'd like to make a little money too. Just a little pocket money would be nice.

4. Broaden my client base
Speaking of money, my Japanese-to-English translation business is overly dependent on just a few regular clients. I want to add a few more.

5. Reconnect
I want to reconnect with old friends and relatives that I haven't had much contact with in, well, years.

6. Connect
I want to make some new friends, and deepen connections with some current ones.

That's about it. What do you want from 2011?

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