Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (2/10/2011)

Fox News insider: "I don't think people understand that it's an organization that's built and functions by intimidation and bullying, and its goal is to prop up and support Republicans and the GOP and to knock down Democrats." Wait -- there are people who don't understand that?

At the CIA, kidnapping and torturing the wrong guy gets you promoted. (I wish I could say this is shocking, but in America going to war against the wrong country gets you reelected as president, so why should we expect more from the CIA?)

The network out to crush public employees.

ORCs and YATs battle in the GOP.

Romney the Giant Pander strikes again.

The singularity is coming (to mainstream discussion, anyway; it's even made it into Time).

Women's vocalizations during heterosexual sex are not an involuntary reaction to male sexual prowess, but a way of exerting influence over their partner’s sexual response.

Singularity (the web comic): the inner dark.

Harvard economists prove that bankruptcy is mythical.

Hipster Gandalf.

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  1. Mythical Bankruptcy Theorem. Fun stuff.

  2. It's funny because it's only just barely implausible by the tiniest of margins.

  3. "Let's Hear it for the Boy." VERY interesting. Thanks for the link, kuri.

  4. That's not what happens in the movies! ;)


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