Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (2/23/2011)

Oaks rebutted, part 6, part 7, and summing up.

How to foreclose on your bank.

The Annals of Eugenics.

Grace Undressed writes beautifully. Most of what she posts is behind a paywall, but once in awhile she still posts something on her blog.

Created equal: provocative portrait pairings (pictures include one topless dancer, so possibly NSFW/C/P).

The day the movies died.

"From the dawn of athletics to the first round of this month's NFL draft, the medicine ball has rolled through the centuries, its elemental formula unchanged and unsurpassed: Sphere + gravity = fitness."

Five emotions invented by the internet. Spot on.

Sarkozy admits French language a hoax after WikiLeaks exposé.

I also have this problem a lot.

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