Friday, February 04, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (2/4/2011)

Corvid savants.

The house where Vince Lombardi used to live.

The Washington NFL team has the second-worst owner in sports. (Only Donald Sterling of the LA Clippers is worse.) So naturally, when someone criticizes him (in a hilarious way), his response is to try to intimidate them with lawyers and money.

Feds seize sports streaming sites. Of course, they're already up again with non-US URLS anyway. (Links provided for informational purposes only.)

The Fraternity of the Keepers of the Holy Vaginas.

The hot sauce and cold showers mom from the Dr. Phil show is charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

Speaking of bad parents, these people embezzled $100,000 from their disabled veteran son.

From the Department of WTF casting: the Alex Cross reboot is replacing Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from The Wire -- perfect, right?) with... wait for it... Tyler Perry. (The comments are pretty good too, e.g., "That’s like replacing Meryl Streep with Tara Reid" followed by "It’s like replacing Meryl Streep with Tyler Perry.")

Carl Sagan and his fully armed Spaceship of the Imagination take on the Star battleship Astrology.

Mickey Mantle may have been a lush and a misogynist, but no one can say he was intimidated by authority (possibly NSWF/definitely NSF children/prudes).

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