Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Reads/Random Cool Sites (3/29/2011)

Vote for Newt Gingrich (the man who's so patriotic he cheated on his wives out of love for this country) or America will become a secular atheist country dominated by radical Islamists!

Actual quote from an LDS Young Women's Conference: "As I look out at you tonight, I wonder if this is what Helaman's stripling warriors' girlfriends must have looked like!" I assume that was said at least partly in jest. Still, it's rather a sad commentary on the patriarchal nature of LDS scripture that the best someone can do to encourage girls to live their religion is to tell them that they look like heroes' girlfriends. (It's also a sad commentary on the pressures on women in our society that much of the speech was about "inner beauty," and it was delivered by a woman who wears makeup and dyes her hair.)

The US State Department promotes internet freedom overseas, while the US Justice Department tries to curtail it in America.

Your Transportation Safety Administration at work: TSA employee complains that Wiccan co-worker (successfully) put a spell on her car; Wiccan ends up fired.

Tea Party conservatives are different from other conservatives.

Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn is back at work after cancer surgery almost paralyzed his face.

Indie e-book star Amanda Hocking just accepted a $2 million dollar traditional publishing deal. Barry Eisler just turned down a $500,000 deal to go independent. They had an internet conversation.

Art critic questions winner-take-all society.

Talking to strangers on the New York subway (video).

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