Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday haiku: Checkout girl 2

Too old now, too old,
Glimpsing mortality in
a supermarket

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  1. Denise was a checkout chick. Her dark island hair was in a chic bob. We would chat as she'd beep my items.

    Once on a slow day, I saw her in the aisles. She remembered me. "Working from home today?" she asked.

    "Yup," I said. "What's up with you?"

    "I just got a tattoo," she said. "It's on my back."

    And checking to see that no one was around, she unbuttoned the top button on her work shirt, turned around, and showed me the place between her shoulders.

    It was a Chinese character. The ink was new, and very black. Involuntarily, I reached out and stroked the place where the ink was, and she stayed very still while I stroked that skin, those fine hairs.

    "It's nice," I said.


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